Formal training


// Vocational Training. // Higher education. // Postgraduate courses.

Business services


// Business consulting. // Continuous education according to customer needs.

Technical Support


// Curriculum Development, programmes and teaching resources. // Training of teachers in pedagogical and technological areas. // Supply and full installation of laboratories and workshops.


Proven Educational Model

  • Applying an educational model that has been proven in the Spanish market in the target countries.

  • Having the knowledge of the country that allows to adjust the successful business model to local requirements of each target country.

  • Teaching resources and an education system that we have improved thanks to our experience in the sector.

Integration of ‘Knowing’ with ‘Knowing-how’

  • Application of technical knowledge acquired in the reality of the business and its needs, increasing the employability of students.

  • Internal experience in the key of the model: business relationship, entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Reference of what different administrations seek in private investors of higher education: the quality image of MONDRAGON and social commitment.

  • Being part of MONDRAGON GROUPmakes the internationalization of education services possible, through training programs abroad.

Management Ability

  • Knowledge and extensive resources available to the project.

  • A management team with extensive experience in business management in the field of education, with an international vision, deep knowledge and contacts in target countries, as well as a high level of involvement in the project.


MEi gives a quick and efficient response to challenges such as:

  • Regional industrialization.

  • Competitiveness of industrial and economic structures.

  • Development plans of the country.

  • Training a skilled workforce to enable business development.

Suggested solutions:

  • Development of local human capital.

  • Sustainable financial model and local partners.

  • Validated by companies and with previous experiences of success.

  • Long-term commitment and shared risk plans.